Maria Ilaria Lunesu

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We developed an event-driven simulator of the Kanban process a WIP limited pull system visualized by the Kanban board. WIP(work in process) represent the capacity in the activity to perform features simoultaneously. The simulator is fully object-oriented, and its design model reflects the objects of the Lean software development domain. We used this(More)
We present the application of software process modeling and simulation using an agent-based approach to a real case study of software maintenance. The original process used PSP/TSP; it spent a large amount of time estimating in advance maintenance requests, and needed to be greatly improved. To this purpose, a Kanban system was successfully implemented,(More)
In the last decade, Web 2.0 services such as blogs, tweets, forums, chats, email etc. have been widely used as communication media , with very good results. Sharing knowledge is an important part of learning and enhancing skills. Furthermore, emotions may affect decision-making and individual behavior. Bitcoin, a decentralized electronic currency system,(More)