Maria Ilaria Lunesu

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We present the application of software process modeling and simulation using an agent-based approach to a real case study of software maintenance. The original process used PSP/TSP; it spent a large amount of time estimating in advance maintenance requests, and needed to be greatly improved. To this purpose, a Kanban system was successfully implemented,(More)
In the last decade, Web 2.0 services such as blogs, tweets, forums, chats, email etc. have been widely used as communication media, with very good results. Sharing knowledge is an important part of learning and enhancing skills. Furthermore, emotions may affect decisionmaking and individual behavior. Bitcoin, a decentralized electronic currency system,(More)
We developed an event-driven simulator of the Kanban process a WIP limited pull system visualized by the Kanban board. WIP(work in process) represent the capacity in the activity to perform features simoultaneously. The simulator is fully object-oriented, and its design model reflects the objects of the Lean software development domain. We used this(More)
In recent years search engines have become the go-to methods for achieving many types of knowledge, spanning from detailed descriptions or general information interesting to the user. Likewise several reassignment techniques are capturing the attention of researchers in the field of signal analysis. Particularly, the Synchrosqueezing Wavelet Transform SST(More)