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In this review, we aim to provide clinical insights into the relationship between surgery, general anesthesia (GA), and dementia, particularly Alzheimer's disease (AD). The pathogenesis of AD is complex, involving specific disease-linked proteins (amyloid-beta [Aβ] and tau), inflammation, and neurotransmitter dysregulation. Many points in this complex(More)
OBJECTIVE Psychiatric disorders are common among medical inpatient settings and management of psychiatric disorders can be challenging in this setting. Integrated models of care (IMCs) combining psychiatric and medical specialties within a single service may improve psychiatric and medical outcomes, although evidence for IMCs in medical inpatient settings(More)
A smooth surface interpolation scheme for positive and convex data has been developed. This scheme has been extended from the rational quadratic spline function of Sarfraz [11] to a rational bi-quadratic spline function. Simple data dependent constraints are derived on the free parameters in the description of rational bi-quadratic spline function to(More)
A C1 piecewise rational trigonometric cubic function with four shape parameters has been constructed to address the problem of visualizing positive data. Simple data-dependent constraints on shape parameters are derived to preserve positivity and assure smoothness. The method is then extended to positive surface data by rational trigonometric bicubic(More)
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