Maria Hussain

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OBJECTIVE To assess the possible differences in etiological and clinical factors between children/adolescents (< or = 20 years) and adults (> 20 years) with Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP). METHODS A retrospective-cum-prospective study of consecutive patients with HSP who presented to our teaching hospital over 5 years. Patients were classified as having(More)
In this review, we aim to provide clinical insights into the relationship between surgery, general anesthesia (GA), and dementia, particularly Alzheimer's disease (AD). The pathogenesis of AD is complex, involving specific disease-linked proteins (amyloid-beta [Aβ] and tau), inflammation, and neurotransmitter dysregulation. Many points in this complex(More)
OBJECTIVE Psychiatric disorders are common among medical inpatient settings and management of psychiatric disorders can be challenging in this setting. Integrated models of care (IMCs) combining psychiatric and medical specialties within a single service may improve psychiatric and medical outcomes, although evidence for IMCs in medical inpatient settings(More)
The objective was to study antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS or Hughes syndrome) in two major teaching hospitals in Kuwait. patients with suspected Hughes syndrome were investigated with tests for anticardiolipin antibodies (aCL) and lupus anticoagulants (LAC) over 1 yr. Diagnosis was considered confirmed if significant levels of either or both(More)
OBJECTIVE A Medline electronic search showed a paucity of reports on calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystal deposition disease (CPPD-CDD) from the Gulf region. To date only a single case report has been published from this region. Therefore, this study aimed, firstly, at finding out the prevalence of chondrocalcinosis in adult Arabs in Kuwait presenting(More)
OBJECTIVES Most persons with dementia (PWD) receive the majority of their care from primary care providers (PCPs). A number of challenges have been identified with providing quality dementia care in primary care from the perspective of PCP. However, less is known of the primary care health care experience (HCE) of PWD and their caregivers. We examined the(More)
The caryologic technics aim to determine the level of polyploidy of a population or a species. The information brought for the knowledge of the chromosomal number of a species, is of various nature. Thus for several years the caryology has made it possible to better understand the taxonomy of a species, its tendencies evolutionary, its geographical(More)
The measuring of Ca2+, Mg2+, K+ has been carried out. This quantity determination had two purposes. It allows us, on the one hand, to show that the assimilation rate of the studied mineral elements and the synthesis of the dry matter are in relation with the composition of the plant organs. On the other hand, to analyse the Na+/ NH4 + antagonism in(More)
Olea europea L. is a typical tree of the Mediterranean area where are concentrated 98% of the plantations and 90% of the world olive-growing production [6]. In Algeria, Olea europea L, arboricole species most significant following the surface occupies [14], which is 2,3% of the total surface of Algeria. Algerian oleiculture is divided into 3 zones: West,(More)
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