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OBJECTIVE We recently showed that both maternal and fetal erythroblast counts are elevated in the peripheral blood of pregnant women with preeclampsia. The purpose of this study was to examine whether this elevation actually occurs before the clinical onset of the disorder. STUDY DESIGN Erythroblasts were enriched and enumerated in 97 maternal blood(More)
Students (n = 257) were evaluated for scope and commitment to physical activity by use of self-reported data that assessed amount of activity per week and the obligatory or pathological nature of their activity patterns. Exhibiting atypical activity patterns, 21.8% of the students in the sample exercised 360 or more minutes per week and demonstrated at(More)
Current textbooks for transfusion medicine state that anti-A and/or anti-B (anti-A/B) agglutination titers--and thus the respective antibody concentrations--reach their maximum in individuals 5 to 10 years old and then gradually decline with the increasing age of the individual. This statement is largely based on a study by Thomsen and Kettel that dates to(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnostic reasoning is a key competence of physicians. We explored the effects of knowledge, practice and additional clinical information on strategy, redundancy and accuracy of diagnosing a peripheral neurological defect in the hand based on sensory examination. METHOD Using an interactive computer simulation that includes 21 unique cases(More)
Traumatische Verletzungsmuster in der Schwangerschaft sind selten. Eine systematische Abklärungsstrategie stellt deshalb eine Herausforderung für das interdisziplinäre Team dar. Die traumatisch bedingte Plazentalösung ist mit einer hohen fetalen Mortalität und einer beträchtlichen mütterlichen Letalität eine Notfallsituation, die Anästhesisten kennen(More)
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