Maria Hermanns

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The fractionalization of quantum numbers in interacting quantum many-body systems is a central motif in condensed-matter physics with prominent examples including the fractionalization of the electron in quantum Hall liquids or the emergence of magnetic monopoles in spin-ice materials. Here, we discuss the fractionalization of magnetic moments in(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) variants of the Kitaev model can harbor gapless spin liquids with a Majorana Fermi surface on certain tricoordinated lattice structures such as the recently introduced hyperoctagon lattice. Here, we investigate Fermi surface instabilities arising from additional spin exchange terms (such as a Heisenberg coupling) which introduce(More)
A topological theory of d-wave superconductors is derived in this thesis. Ginzburg-Landau theory describes superconductivity by defining a complex order parameter and applying Landau's theory for phase transitions. However, there is no local, gauge invariant order parameter for a superconductor and classical order is no appropriate description. Topo-logical(More)
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