Maria Helena de Lima Perez Garcia

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The aim of this study was to verify the role played by mononuclear cells in an acute (nonimmune) inflammatory reaction. Mononuclear cells purified from rat peripheral blood were incubated for 1, 2, or 24 h with 100 or 250 μg/ml carrageenin (Cg). The resultant donor supernatant was injected into recipient rats to test its ability to induce hyperalgesia(More)
Nicotine may be the agent responsible for tobacco addiction. A non-invasive, easy measure for evaluating addiction is Fagerström's 1978 Tolerance Questionnaire. Present results are based on responses of 732 Spanish smokers to the Spanish version of the questionnaire. The questionnaire has a moderate reliability, and some items are more important than(More)
We tested a multicomponent behavioural package to stop smoking that contained nicotine fading and smokeholding techniques. 73 smokers were randomly assigned to one of five treatment programmes: (1) nicotine fading and cigarette fading, (2) nicotine fading and concurrent smokeholding, (3) nicotine fading and subsequent smokeholding, (4) a nonintensive(More)
This research tested a multicomponent self-help manual that contained nicotine fading and some behavioral techniques. It also evaluated the incremental effects of using higher amounts of therapist contact on quitting rates. 114 smokers were randomly assigned to one of four treatment groups: (1) A 10-session multicomponent program (n = 25); (2) a 5-session(More)
It is very important to have objective measurements of nicotine dependence or tobacco addiction, especially in the treatment of smokers. The most utilized physiological assessment is the carbon monoxide (one of the components of tobacco smoke) in expired air. A noninvasive measure of nicotine dependence is the Fagerström's Tolerance Questionnaire. In our(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o There is growing interest in the phenomenon of school violence, which has been associated in diverse works with youth's attitudes towards violence, and it has been the focus of many intervention programs. However, the high human and economic cost entailed can impede its administration in some school centers. Therefore, the goal of the(More)
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