Maria Helena Costa Amorim

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Uterine cervical cancer is a leading cause of death from cancer in the female population worldwide. The aim of this study was to analyze survival of women with cervical cancer treated at the Santa Rita de Cássia Hospital/Women's Association for Cancer Education and Control (HSRC/AFECC) in Espírito Santo State, Brazil, from 2000 to 2005 and to describe(More)
OBJECTIVE to evaluate the effect of progressive muscle relaxation as a nursing procedure on the levels of stress for sufferers of multiple sclerosis. METHOD random clinical trials conducted at the Neurology outpatients unit at a University Hospital. The sample consisted of 40 patients who were being monitored as outpatients (20 in a control group and 20(More)
OBJECTIVE to analyse the effects of relaxation as a nursing intervention on the depression levels of hospitalised women with high-risk pregnancies. METHODS a randomised clinical trial realised in a reference centre for high-risk pregnancies. The sample consisted of 50 women with high-risk pregnancies (25 in the control group and 25 in the intervention(More)
Conservative surgery is considered the procedure of choice for women who are affected by early stage tumours. The local recurrence of cancer as a consequence of breast tissue conservation is a growing concern. This study aimed to describe the sociodemographic and clinical profiles of women who had local recurrences of breast cancer after conservative(More)
Efeitos da intervenção Hatha-Yoga nos níveis de estresse e ansiedade em mulheres mastectomizadas The effects of hatha yoga exercises on stress and anxiety levels in mastectomized women Resumo O objetivo deste artigo é avaliar os efei-tos da Hatha-Yoga nos níveis de estresse e ansie-dade de mulheres mastectomizadas, bem como examinar a relação destes níveis(More)
This study aimed to investigate the association between mortality of breast cancer women and the social-demographic and clinical characteristics. During the mortality study of 1,086 women diagnosed with breast cancer and treated from 2000 to 2005 at a cancer hospital in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo, medical records and tumor registration cards were(More)
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