Maria Helena Baena de Moraes Lopes

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PURPOSE The objective of this study was to explore the psychosocial meaning and repercussions on lifestyle associated with erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence (UI) in men following radical prostatectomy. SUBJECTS AND SETTING Ten men from Southeastern Brazil who underwent radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer were interviewed. All(More)
Nursing diagnoses associated with alterations of urinary elimination require different interventions. Nurses, who are not specialists, require support to diagnose and manage patients with disturbances of urine elimination. The aim of this study was to present a model based on fuzzy logic for differential diagnosis of alterations in urinary elimination,(More)
The nursing diagnoses associated with alterations in urinary elimination require different interventions, and nurses who are not specialists need support to diagnose and to manage patients with disturbances of urine elimination. The aim of this study was to present a model based on fuzzy logic for making differential diagnosis of alterations in urinary(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose is to evaluate the psychometric properties of reliability and discriminant validity of the Brazilian Portuguese versions of two instruments used in the diagnosis of interstitial cystitis (IC): "The Interstitial Cystitis Symptom Index and Problem Index" (The O'Leary-Sant), and "Pelvic Pain and Urgency/Frequency (PUF) Patient Symptom(More)
PURPOSE We explored the meanings of silence for Brazilian women with urinary incontinence (UI). SUBJECTS AND SETTING The sample consisted of 8 women, aged 30 to 45 years. Respondents worked as housekeepers or cleaning staff and were from lower social, economic, and educational strata. Their years of formal education varied from 0 to 8 years and they(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate how the nursing process has been registered at a Brazilian teaching hospital. METHODS Descriptive and retrospective study of 68 medical records. FINDINGS The data collection of history was more frequent on the admission day. The documentation of physical exam was prioritized. Sometimes there were records of nursing interventions but(More)
AIMS To evaluate the use of the Portuguese version of the booklet "Your Pelvic Floor" as educational material, among Brazilian teenagers. The original version in English, directed to teenage audience, was developed by members of the Association for Continence Advice, in 2009. METHODS This quasi-experimental study was carried out at a non-governmental(More)
This article describes the development and evaluation of software that verifies the accuracy of diagnoses made by nursing students. The software was based on a model that uses fuzzy logic concepts, including PERL, the MySQL database for Internet accessibility, and the NANDA-I 2007-2008 classification system. The software was evaluated in terms of its(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of intravaginal neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (TTNS) on lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and health-related quality of life in women undergoing pelvic floor muscle (PFM) training (PFMT) with multiple sclerosis (MS) and to compare the(More)
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