Maria H. V. Duarte

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Cd uptake capacity of a group of floating macrophytes (Salvinia herzogii, Pistia stratiotes, Hydromistia stolonifera and Eichhornia crassipes) was determined in outdoors experiments during the lowest temperature period of the year. Although all studied species were highly efficient in the Cd uptake, Pistia stratiotes was selected for further research(More)
For the compression of stereo images, several techniques employing the concept of disparity compensation have been developed. In this paper, we present a new method for stereo-image compression which is based on a different paradigm. It relies on approximate matching of multiscale recurrent patterns, which is an extension of ordinary pattern matching, where(More)
Microfabrication permits the incorporation of dense electrode arrays in microsystems and small volume diagnostic devices. However, the specific functionalization of arbitrary shape electrodes with different biomolecules remains a challenging issue. In the present work, the problem of fabricating closely spaced microelectrodes (20 microm sensor diameter and(More)
This paper proposes a scheme to compress SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images aiming for preserving fine details such as bright targets. This scheme consists in decomposing a SAR image into bounded variation (BV) and oscillating components. The adaptive compression scheme is a modified version of the well known SPIHT method named in this paper as MSPIHT.(More)
Non-specific adsorption events are responsible to a large extent for the lack of reliability and applicability of electrochemical immunosensors. In the particular case of displacement-based immunosensors, as an approach to achieve reagentless, labelless and easy to use immunosensors, the hindering effect of then non-specific adsorption is amplified when the(More)
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