Maria Hörnell-Willebrand

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Alpine and arctic tundra regions are likely to retract as a result of climate warming and concerns have been raised over the status of the Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta). In Fennoscandia, the Rock Ptarmigan has low population abundance, and predictions based on harvest statistics show population declines throughout the range. In this study, we used a(More)
Hunters that have options to hunt in different areas should evaluate their previous hunting success when they decide where to hunt. Following optimal foraging theory for non-human predators, we investigated if hunting success and density of other hunters on the hunting area will affect the probability of return to the same area, and if such behavioural(More)
Predictable variation in demographic patterns among populations inhabiting extreme environments can be used to direct common management actions. Ptarmigan and other grouse are ecologically important herbivores in Arctic and alpine areas, but survival estimates are lacking for many harvested populations. This hampers more detailed assessment of how this key(More)
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