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A growing amount of digital objects is designated for long term preservation-a time scale during which technologies, formats and communities are very likely to change. Specialized approaches, models and technologies are needed to guarantee the long-term understandability of the preserved data. Maintaining the authenticity (trustworthiness) and provenance(More)
General Remarks The paper discusses the relevance of qualified education and training programmes in the electronic records keeping and the digital archives preservation as basic tools to support the present and future innovation process in democratic societies. To meet this ambitious aim and to play this new social function the education and training(More)
I certify that all material in this dissertation which is not my own work has been identified and that no material is included for which a degree has previously been conferred upon me. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I whole heartedly acknowledge Anna Maria Tammaro, my competent and able advisor, for her expertise, understanding, kindness, patience and persistent efforts(More)
The European investments for digital preservation in the last decade have been large and persistent but not able to support, at the moment, an accepted common vision, general services and adequate infrastructures. The author investigates this weakness by analyzing the nature of the European funding programs in the field and the weak role played by memory(More)