Maria Grazia Silvestri

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BACKGROUND It is thought that transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGF-beta1) might be a key inhibitor of atherogenesis in non-uremic patients. We evaluated the intra- and post-dialytic serum levels of TGF-beta1 in uremic patients to assess if TGF-beta1 is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, and if any correlation exists between TGF-beta1(More)
E.U.E. cells (general population) were submitted to biochemical and cytoenzymatic tests to compare the enzymatic profile of E.U.E. cells (controls) with that of E.U.E. adapted to hypertonic medium. The adapted cells are characterized by very high oxoreductase activity (LDH, HBDH, G-6-P DH) and very high alkaline-phosphatase activity. Clones derived from(More)
Diagnosis of MDS has changed during the last years because of the 2008 WHO classification. Complete blood cell count (CBC) is a very important tool both for diagnosis of MDS. The aim of this study was to evaluate if it is possible to use the abnormal signals produced by dysplastic cells to produce a flag "dysplasia" able to identify the patients needing(More)
INTRODUCTION Mean platelet volume (MPV) has been associated with the prognosis in stroke patients. However, its spontaneous variability during the acute phase of the disease is unknown. Materials and Methods - One hundred and thirty-seven patients with ischemic stroke, aged 75.4+/-11.0 (SD) years, were classified according to several criteria: National(More)
An outbreak of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium belonging to phage type (PT) 193 occurred in autumn 1995 and involved 83 individuals in a large area of Northern Italy (Lombardy Region). Epidemiological and microbiological investigations of strains isolated from clinical and food specimens revealed that the vehicle was a batch of salami, produced on(More)
To the Editor: Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAggEC) heat-stable enterotoxin 1 (EAST1) was originally found as an enterotoxin of EaggEC (1). Recently, Yamamoto et al. (2) reported that the EAST1 gene, or its variants, were present not only in EAggEC but in other diarrheagenic E. coli, including some entero-pathogenic E. coli (EPEC) and enterotoxigenic(More)
Le presenti linee guida per la definizione della fase preanalitica dell’esame delle urine sono state predisposte sotto gli auspici della Società Italiana di Medicina di Laboratorio (SIMeL) e della Società Italiana di Biochimica Clinica e Biologia Molecolare Clinica (SIBioC). L’analisi delle urine, comprendente la valutazione microbiologica e l’esame(More)
BACKGROUND In analogy with other areas of laboratory diagnostics, the pre-analytical phase is the leading source of variability also in urinalysis. We carried out a multicentric study for comparing results obtained from first-voided and mid-stream urine samples. METHODS Each of the six hospital-based clinical laboratories participating to this study(More)