Maria Grazia Scutellà

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This paper presents a very large scale neighborhood (VLSN) search algorithm for the capacitated facility location problem with single-source constraints. The neighborhood structures are induced by customer multi-exchanges and by facility moves. We consider both single-customer multi-exchanges, detected on a suitably de ned customer improvement graph, and(More)
The authors settle the complexity status of the robust network design problem in undirected graphs. The fact that the flow-cut gap in general graphs can be large, poses some difficulty in establishing a hardness result. Instead, the authors introduce a single-source version of the problem where the flow-cut gap is known to be one. They then show that this(More)
Shortest Path Problems are among the most studied network flow optimization problems, with interesting applications in various fields. One such field is transportation, where shortest path problems of different kinds need to be solved. Due to the nature of the application, transportation scientists need very flexible and efficient shortest path procedures,(More)
In this paper, we study dynamic shortest path problems, which is to determine a shortest path from a specified source node to every other node in the network where arc travel times change dynamically. We consider two problems: the minimum time walk problem (which is to find a walk with the minimum travel time) and the minimum cost walk problem (which is to(More)
We propose new local search algorithms for minimum makespan machine scheduling problems, which perform multiple exchanges of jobs among machines. Inspired by the work of Thompson and Orlin (1989) on cyclic transfer neighborhood structures, we model multiple exchanges of jobs as special disjoint cycles and paths in a suitably defined improvement graph, by(More)