Maria Grazia Placentino

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PURPOSE To evaluate the reproducibility of a semi-automated system for vertebral morphometry (MorphoXpress) in a large multi-centre trial. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study involved 132 clinicians (no radiologist) with different levels of experience across 20 osteo-centres in Italy. All have received training in using MorphoXpress. An expert radiologist was(More)
The Piwi-piRNA pathway represents a germline-specific transposon-defense system. C. elegans Piwi, prg-1, is a non-essential gene and triggers a secondary RNAi response that depends on mutator genes, endo-siRNAs (22G-RNAs), and the 22G-RNA-binding Argonaute protein HRDE-1. Interestingly, silencing of PRG-1 targets can become PRG-1 independent. This state,(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the time required, the accuracy and the precision of a model-based image analysis software tool for the diagnosis of osteoporotic fractures using a 6-point morphometry protocol. MATERIALS AND METHODS Lateral dorsal and lumbar radiographs were performed on 92 elderly women (mean age 69.2+/-5.7 years). Institutional review board approval(More)
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