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Second solid tumors and leukemia after treatment for Hodgkin's disease: an analysis of 1121 patients from a single institution.
PURPOSE To define the risk of having a second malignant neoplasm (ST) in different subsets of Hodgkin's disease patients and possibly to identify potentially avoidable therapeutic behaviors, linkedExpand
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Chordoma-natural history, treatment and prognosis. The Florence Radiotherapy Department experience (1956-1990) and a critical review of the literature.
Fifteen cases of chordoma, seen between 1956 and 1990 at the Florence Radiotherapy Department are reported. Twelve of them were treated with radiotherapy and surgery, while one was left untreated. WeExpand
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Breast Cancer Following Hodgkin’s Disease: The Experience of the University of Florence
Abstract:  The advent of effective chemo‐radiotherapy has made Hodgkin Disease (HD) a highly curable malignancy, but the great improvement in survival rates allowed the observation in long‐termExpand
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Merkel cell carcinoma and iodine-131 metaiodobenzylguanidine scan
Two cases of Merkel cell carcinoma, a neuroendocrine neoplasia of the skin, investigated with iodine-131 metaiodobenzylguanidine (131i-mIBG) scintigraphy, are reported. Uptake in the tumor wasExpand
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The risk of second malignant tumors and its consequences for the overall survival of Hodgkin's disease patients and for the choice of their treatment at presentation: analysis of a series of 1524
PURPOSE To quantify the incidence of second malignant tumors (SMT) as a whole and that of second "solid" tumors (SST) and leukemia (L) in a large series of 1524 Hodgkin's disease (HD) patients (pts)Expand
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[Update on and perspectives of radiotherapy in the treatment of colonic carcinoma].
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[Late sequelae involving the breast after radiotherapy for lung metastasis of Wilms' tumor. Experience of the Florence Radiotherapy and analysis of the literature].
A growing number of children treated for malignant tumors has been cured thanks to progress in the field of pediatric oncology, and therefore long-term treatment sequelae have been more frequentlyExpand
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168 Impact of second malignant tumors (SMT) on survival after hodgkin's disease (HD), early (T1–2) laryngeal cancer (ELC), breast and cervix cancer (BC, CC)
Many patients (pts) treated for MD, ELC, BC and CC are cured of their diseases. They are therefore exposed to the risk of developing a SMT. These four groups of pts, however, are quite different asExpand