Maria Grazia Monaci

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Hierarchical linear modeling was used to examine the relationships between social capital (at the individual, the neighborhood, and the regional levels) and adolescents' fear of crime, while controlling for the main individual (sociodemographics, television viewing, and bullying victimization), neighborhood (neighborhood size and aggregated victimization),(More)
BACKGROUND One of the most problematic modes of alcohol consumption in young adults is risky drinking in single episodes, which typically takes place in social contexts. Several studies have applied the Theory of Planned Behavior to drinking intentions and behavior in young people. However, previous studies show that this model lacks a "bridge" that links a(More)
Literature on message framing effects on persuasive communication shows mixed results. It appears that framing effects depend on different factors that activate different processes. We report the results of an experiment in which smokers and non-smokers judged some characteristics of messages describing negative consequences of smoking or positive(More)
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