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Karyotype and genetic evolution in speciation of subterranean mole rats of the genus Spalax in Turkey
Karyotype (2n) and allozyme diversity at 37 gene loci were determined in 69 subterranean mole rats in Turkey belonging to the two superspecies: the ancestor Spalax leucodon (n = 55; 20 populations)Expand
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A Biogeographic View of Apodemus in Asia and Europe Inferred From Nuclear and Mitochondrial Gene Sequences
Sequences of the mitochondrial cyt b gene and nuclear IRBP, RAGI, I7, and vWF genes were used to assess the evolutionary history of major lineages of Apodemus, in particular to better understandExpand
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Chromosomal speciation and adaptive radiation of mole rats in Asia Minor correlated with increased ecological stress.
The evolutionary forces causing chromosomal speciation and adaptation are still enigmatic. Here we tested the Israel evolutionary model of positive association of diploid chromosome number (2n) andExpand
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Evolutionary biology of the genus Apodemus Kaup, 1829 in Israel. Allozymic and biometric analyses with description of a new species: Apodemus hermonensis (Rodentia, Muridae).
Abstract Allozymic and biometric analyses were conducted on 195 speci mens belonging to the genus Apodemus from Israel. Genetic varia tion and differentiation were investigated by means ofExpand
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Genetic variation and evolution in the genus Apodemus (Muridae: Rodentia)
Genetic variation was studied using protein electrophoresis of 28–38 gene loci in 1347 specimens of Apodemus agrar-ius, A. peninsulae, A. flavicollis, A. sylvaticus, A. alpicola, A. uralensis, A. cf.Expand
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Genetic polymorphisms in subterranean mammals (Spalax ehrenbergi superspecies) in the Near East revisited: patterns and theory
Allozyme diversity in the superspecies Spalax ehrenbergi has been revisited by studying 36 gene loci in 241 subterranean mole rats from 22 populations and nine chromosomal species, four from TurkeyExpand
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Genetic variation and zoogeography of pine voles of the Microtus subterraneus/majori group in Europe and Asia Minor
Karyotypic and allozyme analyses were carried out on 55 individuals of Microtus subterraneus and M. majori from 19 populations in Europe and Anatolia. The occurrence of M. subterraneus in Asia MinorExpand
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Abstract Starch gel electrophoresis at 36 presumptive loci was used to study genetic variation and systematic status of 110 wood mice (genus Apodemus) from 19 sites scattered across Anatolia,Expand
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Molecular identification of three sympatric species of wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus, A. flavicollis, A. alpicola) in western Europe (Muridae: Rodentia)
The woodmouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) and yellow-necked fieldmouse (Apodemus flavicollis) are sympatric and even syntopic in many regions throughout their European range. Their field discrimination onExpand
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Chromosomal variation and systematics of Myoxids
Abstract A synopsis of cytogenetic studies performed on various species and populations of myoxids is presented. Interspecific phylogenetic relationships derived from chromosomal data are evaluatedExpand
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