Maria Gracia Rosell

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Five aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, and three isomeric xylenes) were monitored in indoor and outdoor air of 7 public buildings and 54 private homes, located in Barcelona City metropolitan area and in several rural areas of Catalonia. The sampling was carried out over four periods: spring-summer and winter of 2000, and summer and winter of 2001.(More)
An HPLC analytical method combining methanol-deionised water (80:20, v/v) extraction, methanol-acetonitrile (50:50, v/v) extraction and fluorescence detection was implanted to analyse ochratoxin A and aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 of air samples collected during the usual production process in a number of workplaces of a coffee factory to assess the(More)
Chlorpyrifos was determined in air, leaves and soil in a greenhouse in order to establish performance differences between gas-chromatography with nitrogen-phosphorus detection (GC-NPD) and high-performance liquid chromatographic and capillary electrophoretic methods and to assess the farm workers' risk of overexposure due to air exposure and/or skin contact(More)
Lindane, aldrin and p,p'-DDT were determined in blood samples from 71 farmers by means of an analytical method which combines a direct whole-blood extraction with n-hexane and gas chromatography (GC)-electron-capture detection (ECD), using a capillary column, applied to the organic extract. This technique allowed the determination of pesticides at levels(More)
An analytical method combining a solid-phase (C18) clean-up and GC-electron-capture detection using a capillary column, was implemented to determine p,p'-DDT and its metabolites (p,p'-DDD and p,p'-DDE), as well as other organochlorine pesticides in whole blood samples from 30 farmers and 24 non-occupationally exposed workers. The average concentrations for(More)
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