Maria Gordon

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Implementation of marine ecosystem-based management requires improved understanding of existing governance, including gaps and overlaps resulting from fragmented management. Focusing on overlaps, this paper presents a technique using text analysis to assist in the identification of agencies and laws involved in overlaps from a system perspective. The(More)
We obtained 49 reflectance spectra of 23 Hilda asteroids in the wavelength ranges 3850–7650 and 3850–10150Å during two observing runs in 1992. The primitive D-types dominate and comprise 34 % of the numbered Hilda asteroids, while 28 % and 2 % are P and C-types, respectively. This is in contrast to the results of earlier investigations by Tedesco & Gradie(More)
During the austral summer of 2008, we carried out a high resolution survey of the microplankton communities along a south to north transect covering a range of environments across the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean; high and low productivity, sea-ice to open water conditions, and over a number of oceanographic fronts and bathymetric features. Cluster analysis(More)
What factors determine whether or not American public universities take advantage of opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially when doing so is likely to save them money? A theoretical case study of the W Wh ha at t f fa ac ct to or rs s d de et te er rm mi in ne e w wh he et th he er r o or r n no ot t A Am me er ri ic ca an n p pu ub bl(More)
The flexure strength of the joint between layers of different types of amalgam condensed consecutively one on to the other was evaluated in vitro. The data indicated no statistical differences in flexure strength between the combined samples (single composition spherical and lathe-cut eutectic amalgams) and the control (homogeneous lathe-cut eutectic(More)
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