Maria Giulia Galli

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BACKGROUND Aim of this investigation is to identify possible sanitary risks connected with the practice of dentistry and to draw up guidelines which may help all those who work in this field. METHODS Between April and July 1998, we distributed 231 questionnaires to public and private dental offices in Milan, to evaluate dentists' knowledge of sanitary(More)
The Padua prediction score (PPS) has been suggested as the best available model for the assessment of the risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in hospitalized medical patients. The impact of its use in clinical practice has never been prospectively evaluated. According to a quasi-randomized study design, consecutive patients admitted to Internal Medicine(More)
INTRODUCTION The quality of reporting of abstracts of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in major general medical journals and in some category-specific journals was shown to be poor before the publication of the ConsolidatedStandards of ReportingTrials (CONSORT) extension for abstracts in 2008, and an improvement in the quality of reporting of abstracts(More)
While deaths due to Str. pneumoniae have substantially decreased, this agent still heads the list of pneumonia agents in the community. The best use of the available vaccines, prepared with the capsular polysaccharides of the most commonly involved serotypes and serogroups, is documented towards some selected groups of population more at risk, such as the(More)
significant day-to-day change in the trend, and after the intervention there was no significant change in the day-to-day trend. In phase 2, individual compliance ranged from 72% to 100% with a median compliance of 92%, and a mean compliance of 91%. Nearly half (47%) of the nurses had compliance rates 95%. Compliance on room entry was 90% and on room exit(More)
Infection with HBV is still one of the more important professional risk for medical staff. This is particularly true for dentists the more so when they are operating in areas at medium or high prevalence of HBsAg carriers. In such situation patients often ignore their carrier state, when they know it they are not always conscious of the importance of(More)