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We propose a new small area estimation approach that combines small area random effects with a smooth, nonparametrically specified trend. By using penalized splines as the representation for the nonparamet-ric trend, it is possible to express the small area estimation problem as a mixed effect regression model. We show how this model can be fitted using(More)
A new semiparametric approach to model-based small area prediction for counts is proposed and used for estimating the average number of visits to physicians for Health Districts in Central Italy. The proposed small area predictor can be viewed as an outlier robust alternative to the more commonly used empirical plug-in predictor that is based on a Poisson(More)
Nonparametric regression is widely used as a method of characterising a non-linear relationship between a variable of interest and a set of covariates. Practical application of nonparametric regression methods in the field of small area estimation is fairly recent, and has so far focussed on the use of empirical best linear unbiased prediction under a model(More)
Survey statisticians make use of the available auxiliary information to improve estimates. One important example is given by calibration estimation, that seeks for new weights that are close (in some sense) to the basic design weights and that, at the same time, match benchmark constraints on available auxiliary information. Recently, multiple frame surveys(More)
Quantile regression investigates the conditional quantile functions of a response variables in terms of a set of covariates. M-quantile regression extends this idea by a " quantile-like " generalization of regression based on influence functions. In this work we extend it to nonparametric regression, in the sense that the M-quantile regression functions do(More)
Data from complex survey designs require special consideration with regard to estimation of finite population parameters and corresponding variance estimation procedures, as a consequence of significant departures from the simple random sampling assumption. In the past decade a number of statistical software packages have been developed to facilitate the(More)