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The P9 stem-loop is one of the conserved structural elements found in all group-I introns. Using two deletion mutants in this region of the Tetrahymena thermophilia large ribosomal subunit intron, we show that removal of the P9 element, either alone, or together with the non-conserved downstream P9.1 and P9.2 elements, results in an intron incapable of the(More)
Five studies document the validity of a new 8-item scale designed to measure positivity, defined as the tendency to view life and experiences with a positive outlook. In the first study (N = 372), the psychometric properties of Positivity Scale (P Scale) were examined in accordance with classical test theory using a large number of college participants. In(More)
The aim of the present paper was to test the cross cultural validity of the Positivity Scale (P Scale), a new questionnaire designed for the measurement of positivity (i.e., general tendency to evaluate self, life, and future in a positive way). Participants (N 3544) from Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, and Serbia answered eight items of the P Scale and(More)
The catalytic activity of a group I intron is dependent on a core structure, much of which is not exposed to solvent. In order to study the structure of the core, an efficient bimolecular reaction has been developed: the 5'-component is a molecule of about 300 bases which contains the 5'-splice-site and terminates in the loop established by P8, and the(More)
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