Maria Giovanna Caprara

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Five studies document the validity of a new 8-item scale designed to measure positivity, defined as the tendency to view life and experiences with a positive outlook. In the first study (N = 372), the psychometric properties of Positivity Scale (P Scale) were examined in accordance with classical test theory using a large number of college participants. In(More)
The aim of the present paper was to test the cross cultural validity of the Positivity Scale (P Scale), a new questionnaire designed for the measurement of positivity (i.e., general tendency to evaluate self, life, and future in a positive way). Participants (N 3544) from Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, and Serbia answered eight items of the P Scale and(More)
RNA performs a remarkable range of functions in all cells. In addition to its central role in information transfer from DNA to protein, it is essential for functions as diverse as RNA processing, chromosome end-maintenance and dosage compensation. The versatility of RNA derives from its unique ability to use direct readout via base-pairing for sequence(More)
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