Maria Giovanna Cappelli

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  • Marisa Reddy, Randazzo Dawn Cappelli, Michelle Andrew Keeney, Eileen Moore, Kowalski, Randazzo Dawn +4 others
  • 2004
INTRODUCTION For several months, beginning in the fall of 1996, two credit union employees worked together to alter credit reports in exchange for financial payment. As part of their normal responsibilities, the employees were permitted to alter credit reports based on updated information the company received. However, the employees intentionally misused(More)
In Italy, the meningococcal C conjugate vaccine (MenC) has been offered in most regions since 2009-2010. The incidence of Invasive Meningococcal Disease (IMD) was 0.25 confirmed cases per 100,000 in 2011, but this may be considerably underestimated due to underdetection and underreporting. This study estimates the impact of the MenC universal vaccination(More)
In Italy, the effectiveness of pneumococcal universal vaccination in preventing vaccine-type invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) in the PCV7/PCV13 shifting period was estimated to be 84.3% (95% CI: 84.0-84.6%) in children <5 years. This study aims at corroborating the estimation of both the effectiveness (VE) of PCVs and its impact in reducing pneumococcal(More)
Serological studies have many important epidemiologic applications. They can be used to investigate acquisition of various infections in different populations, measure the induction of an immune response in the host, evaluate the persistence of antibody, identify appropriate target groups and the age for vaccination. Serological studies can also be used to(More)
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