Maria Giaoutzi

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In general terms, the general Common Transport Policy (CTP) objectives of the European Union may be formulated in efficiency, regional development and environmental categories. Setting objective targets in the environmental field based on scientific evidence is not yet possible, so that it is still necessary to resort to policy documents. The same holds(More)
The term “crowdsourcing” was initially introduced by Howe in his article “The Rise of Crowdsourcing” [1]. During the last few years, crowdsourcing has become popular among companies, institutions and universities, as a crowd-centered modern “tool” for problem solving. Crowdsourcing is mainly based on the idea of an open-call publication of a problem,(More)
Perception and expectation of citizens is an important factor in urban planning, settlement and management. Hence, there is a need of a participatory citizen centric planning of urban settlement based on spatial data. These perception and expectation may be represented in terms of emotions. Determining Urban Emotions is an approach which can be used to map(More)
Successful emergency-response operations require capable systems to support efficient informationsharing, communication, and coordination of the multiple involved safety agencies. Μany authors have identified that Information Quality (IQ) and System Quality (SQ) are major hurdles for efficient and effective multi-agency response, and simultaneously they are(More)
This paper gives an overview of recent transport developments taking place at the European scène. Particular attention is given to the impacts of technological dynamics as reflected in the new information technology (NIT). Against this background the paper gives an overview of results and findings from four major international conferences on the impact on(More)
The potential impacts that may be expected from new information and telecommuni-cation systems applied to transport are considerable. However, as is the case with any new technological innovation, at the basis of success of transport telematics lies the acceptance by potential users, which suggests that there is a clear need to investigate the user side of(More)