Maria Geraga

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Posidonia oceanica, a key seagrass species of the Mediterranean Sea, shows clear signs of regression throughout the Mediterranean and illegal trawling is recognized as one of the main causes. We examined the condition of a P. oceanica meadow in Alykes Bay (Zakynthos Island, western Greece), a typical Mediterranean littoral area where illegal trawling is(More)
The dominance and persistence of plastic debris in the marine environment are well documented. No information exists in respect to their lifespan in the marine environment. Nevertheless, the degradation potential of plastic litter items remains a critical issue for marine litter research. In the present study, polyethylene terephthalate bottles (PETs)(More)
In the present paper, a methodological scheme, bringing together common Acoustic Seabed Classification (ASC) systems and a powerful data decomposition approach, called Independent Component Analysis (ICA), is demonstrated regarding its suitability for detecting small targets in Side Scan Sonar imagery. Traditional ASC systems extract numerous texture(More)
Helike, the Achaean Dodecapolis capital, in the Corinth Gulf, Greece, was, according to historical sources, devastated and disappeared from sight during an earthquake followed by sea invasion on to land in 373/372 B.C. A marine remote sensing survey, which was carried out to examine a landslide following a 6.2 R earthquake in 1995, that affected the coastal(More)
The distribution of the natural radionuclides ((238)U, (232)Th, (226)Ra, (40)K) and the artificial (137)Cs was studied in sediment cores collected from Amvrakikos Gulf, a seasonal anoxic marine basin, using γ-ray spectrometry. The activity of radionuclides, along with the concentrations of Fe and Mn, were also studied in relation to the total organic carbon(More)
Surficial and subsurficial sediment samples derived from gravity cores, selected from the harbour of Patras, Greece, were analyzed for grain size, water content, bulk density, specific gravity, organic carbon content and specific activities of natural radionuclides and (137)Cs. The specific activities of (232)Th, (226)Ra, (40)K and (137)Cs were measured(More)
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