Maria Gemma Alvarez

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The aim of this study was an in vitro/in vivo investigation on poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) microspheres as carriers for the topical ocular delivery of a peptide drug vancomycin (VA). The microspheres were prepared by an emulsification/spray-drying technique that can be proposed as an alternative to the double emulsion method for preparation of(More)
177 participants evaluated female job applicants on the basis of a transcript of a job interview. One-half of the participants were told that the applicant was 63, one-half that the applicant was 24. Success or failure in obtaining the job was also manipulated. In addition, participants' scores on an attitude scale were compared to their assessment of the(More)
Colonization by common reed (Phragmites australis) is often assumed to be driven mainly by vegetative growth of rhizomes. Seedlings are rarely observed in the field despite the annual flowering, the large seed production, and germination potential. We considered that this was mainly a consequence of the rare occurrence of the regeneration window of reed(More)
Beginning in January 1990, the epicenters of microearthquakes associated with a 12-month increase in seismicity near Parkfield, California, moved northwest to southeast along the San Andreas fault. During this sequence of events, the locally variable rate of cumulative seismic moment increased. This increase implies a local increase in fault slip. These(More)
Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) is a major causative agent of acute diarrhea in children in developing countries. This pathotype is divided into typical EPEC (tEPEC) and atypical EPEC (aEPEC), based on the presence of the bfp virulence factor associated with adhesion, encoded in the pEAF plasmid. In the present study, the isolation of aEPEC(More)
Microearthquake data from a downhole seismometer network on the San Andreas fault appear to outline two aseismic asperities that may correspond to the locations of the foreshocks and main shocks of the Parkfield characteristic earthquakes. The source parameters of the microearthquakes show that a few of the earthquakes have significantly higher stress drops(More)
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