Maria Gabriella Cimoroni

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This paper proposes an analytical procedure for computation of all pairs of valid switching angles used in pattern generation in five-level H-bridge cascaded inverters. The proposed procedure eliminates harmonic components from inverter output voltage and, for each harmonic, returns the exact boundaries of all valid modulation index intervals. Due to its(More)
A study was undertaken to determine the resources available in Italian hospitals for the control of nosocomial infections and the factors favouring a successful approach. During January-May 2000 a questionnaire about infection control was sent to the hospital health director of all Italian National Health System hospitals treating acute patients and with(More)
A new procedure to mitigate some harmonics is presented for a 5-level cascaded inverter, varying the modulation index. The two switching angles &#x03B1;<sub>1</sub> and &#x03B1;<sub>2</sub> are computed by using a procedure based on graphycal analysis by using Chebyshev polynomials and the Waring's formulae. The proposed mitigation technique is applied to(More)
The harmonic contents of the output waveform of the power converters is a very important factor in electrical power quality. In this paper a five-level cascaded inverter with unequal DC sources is considered and a selective harmonic elimination technique at fundamental frequency, based on the graphical separation of functions zeros, is considered to reduce(More)
An input-series output-parallel (ISOP) system, in which multiple converter modules are connected in series at the input sides and parallel at the output side, is very suitable for high input-voltage, low output-voltage, and high output-current applications. Input-voltage sharing (IVS) and output-current sharing of the constituent modules among the ISOP(More)
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