Maria Francesca Carfora

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A Riemannian manifold optimization strategy is proposed to facilitate the relaxation of the orthonormality constraint in a more natural way in the course of performing independent component analysis (ICA) that employs a mutual information-based source-adaptive contrast function. Despite the extensive development of manifold techniques catering to the(More)
Many real life problems can be represented by an ordered sequence of digital images. At a given pixel a specific time course is observed which is morphologically related to the time courses at neighbor pixels. Useful information can be usually extracted from a set of such observations if we are able to classify pixels in groups, according to some features(More)
A model is proposed to describe the spike-frequency adaptation observed in many neuronal systems. We assume that adaptation is mainly due to a calcium-activated potassium current, and we consider two coupled stochastic differential equations for which an analytical approach combined with simulation techniques and numerical methods allow to obtain both(More)
This work investigates the capability of supervised classification methods in detecting both major tissues and subcortical structures using multispectral brain magnetic resonance images. First, by means of a realistic digital brain phantom, we investigated the classification performance of various Discriminant Analysis methods, K-Nearest Neighbor and(More)
With the aim to describe the interaction between a couple of neurons a stochastic model is proposed and formalized. In such a model, maintaining statements of the Leaky Integrate-and-Fire framework, we include a random component in the synaptic current, whose role is to modify the equilibrium point of the membrane potential of one of the two neurons and(More)
Experiments of cell migration and chemotaxis assays have been classically performed in the so-called Boyden Chambers. A recent technology, xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analysis, is now allowing to monitor the cell migration in real time. This technology measures impedance changes caused by the gradual increase of electrode surface occupation by cells during(More)
A method to generate first passage times for a class of stochastic processes is proposed. It does not require construction of the trajectories as usually needed in simulation studies, but is based on an integral equation whose unknown quantity is the probability density function of the studied first passage times and on the application of the hazard rate(More)