Maria Font-i-Furnols

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An attempt to classify dry-cured hams according to the maturation time on the basis of near infrared (NIR) spectra was studied. The study comprised 128 samples of biceps femoris (BF) muscle from dry-cured hams matured for 10 (n=32), 12 (n=32), 14 (n=32) or 16 months (n=32). Samples were minced and scanned in the wavelength range from 400 to 2500 nm using(More)
Estimation of lean meat percentage from computed tomography (CT) images of scanned carcasses is the basis for grading meat quality. Due to noise, artifacts and partial volume effects, the automatic classification of tissues and its posterior quantification is difficult. In this paper we present a new processing pipeline that integrates a partial volume(More)
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