Maria Fonoberova

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The dynamic version of the minimum cost multicommodity flow problem that generalizes the static minimum cost multicom-modity flow problem is formulated and studied. This dynamic problem is considered on directed networks with a set of commodities , time-varying capacities, fixed transit times on arcs, and a given time horizon. We assume that cost functions,(More)
In this paper we study two basic problems related to dynamic flows: maximum multicommodity flow and the minimum cost multicommodity flow problems. We consider these problems on dynamic networks with time-varying capacities of edges. For minimum cost multicommodity flow problem we assume that cost functions, defined on edges, are nonlinear and depending on(More)
Human adaptability involves interconnected biological and psychological control processes that determine how successful we are in meeting internal and environmental challenges. Heart rate variability (HRV), the variability in consecutive R-wave to R-wave intervals (RRI) of the electrocardiogram, captures synergy between the brain and cardiovascular control(More)
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