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The objective of this study was to qualitatively characterize quadriceps and hamstring muscle activation as well as to determine knee flexion angle during the eccentric motion of sidestep cutting, cross-cutting, stopping, and landing. Fifteen healthy collegiate and recreational athletes performed the four movements while knee angle and electromyographic(More)
To evaluate the significance of myocardial contusion, we evaluated 243 stable patients hospitalized for blunt chest trauma between 1982 and 1986. The groups were identified according to results of radionuclide angiography, mean injury severity score (ISS), and outcome. Group I (n = 71; mean ISS = 12.7) patients were those without myocardial contusion by(More)
We prospectively studied the occurrence of Reiter's syndrome (RS) or reactive arthritis (ReA) in 205 of 349 cruise-ship passengers who attended a buffet ashore and developed Shigella flexneri 2a enteritis. Five passengers probably had RS/ReA and 16 were possible or doubtful cases of RS/ReA. HLA-B27 was identified in 4 of 5 probable RS cases, but was not(More)
Mit der indirekten Immunfluorescenz-Methode wurden anti-HBcAg-Antikörper im Blut bestimmt und ihr Vorkommen in Beziehung gesetzt zum Nachweis von HBsAg im Zytoplasma und HBcAg sowie IgG im Zellkern in Leberbiopsien von insgesamt 123 Probanden. Das Untersuchungskollektiv umfaßte 64 HBAg-seronegative Patienten mit unterschiedlichen Leberkrankheiten, 51(More)
9595 BACKGROUND: Overexpression of receptor-type tyrosine kinase is found in various malignant tumors and may be associated with aggressive biologic potential. The CD117 (c-kit) tyrosine kinase oncoprotein is overexpressed in many tumors including neuroendocrine carcinomas (NEC) of the lung. Our hypothesis is that CD117 overexpression in NEC influences(More)
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