Maria Fernanda Augusto

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Today the strategic significance of information is fundamental to any organization. With the intensification of competition between companies in open markets and often saturated, companies must learn to know themselves and to the market through the collection and analysis of quality information. The strategic information is seen as a key resource for(More)
In recent years, global growth slowed, the markets have matured and become more competitive. The impact of computing in organizations made information technology a strategic element to the acquisition and maintenance of competitive advantage. Based on the literature review in the related areas of Business Intelligence (BI) and Process Mining (PM), is(More)
Globalization, stalled economy, saturated markets, fierce competition, technological innovation, internet of things, are some of the factors that lead companies to rethink their business strategy. In this context, it is increasing the effort required organizations to adjust their business strategy in an ever more competitive environment. In this study we(More)
The last years have been characterized by impressive growth of the Internet, and consequently by the increased number of users. This growth has been following the evolution of the Web, in the begin the web 1.0 known as web of information connections until the present day with the Web 4.0, the web of intelligence connections, and the fast development of(More)
Since the beginning, computer systems have faced the challenge of protecting the information with which they work, and with the technological development, computational security techniques have become more complex to face the potentials attacks. Currently we are facing a war game with the usual two sides, attackers and defenders. The attackers want to have(More)
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