Maria Feliciana Brianzoni

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In the present study we analyzed the prognostic significance of several clinical, hematological, and histological parameters recorded at diagnosis in a consecutive series of 72 patients with primary myelofibrosis (PMF). Univariate analysis showed that the most significant indicators of poor survival were the following: age greater than 60, splenomegaly,(More)
This paper examines the main features of the deliberate sting challenge with regard to the type of insect, the advantages and disadvantages of its use in untreated and treated patients and after discontinuation of specific immunotherapy.
In this study, we compared a purified aqueous extract and the corresponding nonpurified aqueous preparation under the same build-up protocol in bee venom allergic patients with a normal baseline mast cell tryptase concentration. Eighty patients with a history of a systemic reaction were enrolled for immunotherapy using a 5-day rush protocol. Patients(More)
A pilot study, testing two different chemotherapeutic schedules in CML patients, was carried out in order to verify the possibility of Ph1 clone disappearance. Both therapeutic regimens, though able to induce severe marrow aplasia, determined only a reduction of Ph1 positive metaphases in two patients, while in one case no response could be detected.(More)
The increase of survival in patients with Hodgkin's disease (HD) has made appear the problem of secondary neoplasms, included acute leukemias. The authors evaluate the incidence of acute leukemias in 205 HD with a follow-up more than 12 months (mean 92 months). With regard to these latter, 18 (8.7%) were treated with radiotherapy alone, 69 (33.6%) with(More)
A varying percentage from 40 to 60% of patients having lymphoplasmacytic dyscrasias with a monoclonal component shows a clinical or subclinical polyneuropathy. From a different viewpoint, a monoclonal gammopathy has been detected in 10% of patients effected by chronic idiopathic polyneuropathy. A case study of 38 patients with lymphoplasmacytic dyscrasia(More)
The increase in the serum levels of the IL-2 receptors is due to its release both in vivo and in vitro from activated cells or neoplastic cells expressing it constitutively. The diagnostic, prognostic and physiopathologic significance of the sIL-2R was investigated by testing the serum of 271 haemopathic patients in various stages of the disease. In HCL the(More)
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