Maria Fasolino

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BACKGROUND The biopsy of both polar bodies and a blastomere from the same embryo was investigated as an approach aimed at increasing the quantity of DNA available for genetic analysis in preimplantation embryos. METHODS In 113 cycles, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) was performed for aneuploidy: 19 cycles underwent polar body biopsy, 32 cycles had(More)
Obesity is a major public health problem affecting overall physical and emotional well-being. Despite compelling data suggesting an association between obesity and cognitive dysfunction, this phenomenon has received relatively little attention. Neuroimaging studies in obese humans report reduced size of brain regions involved in cognition, but few studies(More)
The medial prefrontal cortex is important for cognitive flexibility, a capability that is affected by environmental conditions and specific experiences. Aversive experience, such as chronic restraint stress, is known to impair performance on a task of cognitive flexibility, specifically attentional set-shifting, in rats. Concomitant with this performance(More)
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