Maria Faller-Marquardt

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Contact gunshot wounds are usually characterized by a muzzle imprint, a powder cavity (“pocket”), the presence of carboxyhemoglobin and often also stellate tears of the skin radiating from the bullet entrance hole. In shots to the cerebral cranium an additional sign may be observed around the bone defect: the periosteum is detached and reflected with soot(More)
The present investigation covers 116 contact shots to the head and shots into the mouth from the Freiburg forensic autopsy material including 20 gunshot wounds which showed stretchmark-like tears of the facial skin away from the entrance wound. In these cases the gunshot entrance wounds were localised either in the mouth, the forehead, or the submental(More)
In a knife attack the perpetrator can unintentionally injure his own hand, if the knife does not have an adequate handguard and the tip of the blade hits a solid, mostly bony structure while being violently thrust into the victim’s body. The injuries occurring under these conditions are localized on the flexor side of the knife-holding hand and may include(More)
Based on a recent case, in which an expert opinion had to be prepared, the question was investigated if fractures of the base of the skull can result from the influence of heat on the human skull. Neither the retrospective analysis of autopsy records nor the prospective examination of charred bodies revealed any cases with heat-induced fractures of the base(More)
Skin lesions suspected to have been caused by a burning cigarette require thorough diagnostic evaluation as to the mode of infliction. Accidental cigarette burns must be differentiated from injuries due to self-infliction or maltreatment. The typical categories are presented on the basis of the literature and exemplary cases from the authors' own study(More)
In hanging and ligature strangulation, the noose mostly causes a mark or groove which is formed partly by compression of the skin and partly by abrasion with loss of the upper epidermal layers. The horny scales abraded from the neck may be transferred to the strangulation device or to the interposed textiles where they are sometimes visible at(More)
Anhand des gemeinsam begangenen Suizids zweier betagter Eheleute – beide waren vor dem Ruhestand als Veterinärmediziner tätig – wird auf das seltene Vorkommen von Scheitelschüssen hingewiesen. Im gegenseitigen Einvernehmen tötete der männliche Partner zuerst seine krebskranke Frau und dann sich selbst durch je einen aufgesetzten Scheitelschuss. Unter(More)
While playing, a 33/4-year-old girl was hiding in a tumble dryer, which had been running before and started the drying process with rotation of the drum again after the girl had climbed into the machine and shut the door. The child suffered multiple haematomas, especially on the back and the lower arms, as well as second-degree burns on body regions not(More)
In an underground garage of a department store, a 52-year-old woman was attacked and fatally wounded by several stabs with a screwdriver. The offence happened as the woman was getting into her car. The homicide itself and the subsequent trial were extensively covered in the local media. A few days before the judgement was pronounced, another attack in an(More)