Maria Fadri-Moskwik

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Protein acetylation has been implicated in playing an important role during mitotic progression. Aurora B kinase is known to play a critical role in mitosis. However, whether Aurora B is regulated by acetylation is not known. Using IP with an anti-acetyl lysine antibody, we identified Aurora B as an acetylated protein in PC3 prostate cancer cells. Knockdown(More)
The telomeric CTC1/STN1/TEN1 (CST) complex has been implicated in promoting replication recovery under replication stress at genomic regions, yet its precise role is unclear. Here, we report that STN1 is enriched at GC-rich repetitive sequences genome-wide in response to hydroxyurea (HU)-induced replication stress. STN1 deficiency exacerbates the fragility(More)
Telomeres are areas of heterochromatin composed of TTAGGG repeats located at the ends of linear chromosomes. They play a critical role in keeping genome stable and preventing premature aging diseases and the development of cancer. Characterizing mechanisms of telomere maintenance and understanding how their deregulation contributes to human diseases are(More)
Nuclear distribution protein C (NudC) is a mitotic regulator that plays a role in cytokinesis. However, how NudC is regulated during cytokinesis remains unclear. Here, we show that NudC is phosphorylated by Aurora B, a kinase critical for cell abscission. NudC is co-localized with Aurora B at the midbody and co-immunoprecipitated with Aurora B in mitosis.(More)
254 10 APRIL 2015 • VOL 348 ISSUE 6231 Things weren’t supposed to end up this way. We both attended tier-one research institutions for our graduate degrees. Both he, a spatial ecologist, and I, a cell and molecular biologist, have publications in our fields. We both have generous reference letters. Years ago, we decided that I would pursue the academic(More)
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