Maria Fässberg Norrhall

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This study investigated two schools, one of which had previous mold problems. Pupils aged 6 to 13 yr were investigated using a questionnaire on symptoms and a skin prick test. The amount of airborne (1--> 3)-beta-D-glucan was measured in the classrooms. The levels were significantly higher in the problem school than in the control school (15.3 versus 2.9(More)
AIM To assess the primary care management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in relation to COPD guidelines. METHOD A postal questionnaire was sent out to all Primary Health Care Centres (PHCCs) in western Sweden (n=232). The response rate was 75%. RESULTS A majority of the PHCCs had a nurse and physician responsible for COPD care. They(More)
AIM To evaluate the feasibility of a lifestyle program for early intervention in patients with COPD in a primary care population. METHODS The study was performed in a Primary Health Care Centre in Western Sweden. During a four-week period, all smokers between 40-70 years of age were invited to answer a questionnaire and to perform spirometry. The(More)
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