Maria Fátima das Graças Fernandes da Silva

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The activities of two triterpenoids, ocotillone and cabraleadiol, and four limonoids, methyl angolensate, 3-beta-deacetylfissinolide, 7-deacetoxy-7-oxogedunin, and beta-photogedunin, isolated from(More)
Citrus sinensis grafted on C. limonia produces a considerable number of compounds that are not common in both plants developed from germination of seeds. The chemical profile of scion and rootstock(More)
The Vicuña oil tanker exploded in Paranaguá Bay (South of Brazil), during methanol unloading operations in front of Paranaguá Harbour, on November 15th, 2004, releasing a large amount of bunker oil(More)
The focus of this study was the identification of compounds from plant extracts for use in crop protection. This paper reports on the toxic activity of fractions of leaf extracts of Ricinus communis(More)