Maria-Eudóxia Pilotto de Carvalho

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The classification of idiopathic interstitial pneumonias (IIP) is still under debate. In this context, we observed in some of our patients with a clinical and radiological diagnosis of IIP a different histological picture with an aggressive centrilobular scarring centered in the bronchiolar epithelia, but involving the surrounding parenchyma, which(More)
INTRODUCTION In acute lung injury (ALI), elevation of procollagen type III (PC III) occurs early and has an adverse impact on outcome. We examined whether different high-inflation strategies of mechanical ventilation (MV) in oleic acid (OA) ALI alter regional expression of PC III. METHODS We designed an experimental, randomized, and controlled protocol in(More)
In an open prospective trial, twenty-two patients (twenty-one males and one female) with complicated urinary tract infections were treated with 2 g of ceftazidime every 12 hours (nineteen patients were treated intramuscularly and three intravenously for 7 or 10 days). The weight, age and underlying disorders of the urinary tract are indicated for each(More)
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