Maria Ericsson

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OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to examine children with previous manifest neuroborreliosis and concommitant facial palsy to see whether there were any persisting symptoms and/or signs of persistent residual facial palsy. STUDY DESIGN Open, controlled prospective study. SETTING Tertiary referral center (University Hospital). PATIENTS The(More)
Comparative studies have shown that alterations in physiology, morphology and behaviour have arisen due to the domestication. A driving factor behind many of the changes could be a shift in stress responses, with modified endocrine and behavioural profiles. In the present study we compared two breeds of chicken (Gallus gallus), the domestic White Leghorn(More)
Stress in animals causes not only immediate reactions, but may affect their biology for long periods, even across generations. Particular interest has been paid to perinatal stress, but also adolescence has been shown to be a sensitive period in mammals. So far, no systematic study has been performed of the relative importance of stress encountered during(More)
OBJECTIVE It is unknown into what extent patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) utilise a joint service number (Swedish Healthcare Direct, SHD) as first medical contact (FMC) instead of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and how this impact time to diagnosis. We aimed to (1) describe patients' FMC; (2) find explanatory factors influencing(More)
The effects of partial D2 dopamine (DA) receptor agonists on the behavioural activation produced by 1.5 and 8.0 mg/kg d-amphetamine were compared with the changes produced by the classical DA antagonist haloperidol. Alterations in behaviour were assessed in standard activity monitoring cages by direct observation of the rats using a rapid time sampling(More)
Domestication is thought to increase stress tolerance. The connection between stressor exposure, glucocorticoids and behavioural responses has been studied in adults, where domestication effects are evident. Early stress exposure may induce detrimental effects both in short-and long term. Previous research has reported a lack of glucocorticoid response in(More)
Pentagastrin stimulates the release of calcitonin from normal C-cells in the human thyroid. In the present investigation the effect of cimetidine on the liberation of calcitonin in response to intraarterial pentagastrin (0.6 micrograms . kg-1) was studied in 14 normocalcaemic patients undergoing surgery for thyroid adenomas. Cimetidine was administered as a(More)
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