Maria Emmanouilidou

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine the interrater and intrarater reliability of spinal extension and flexion measurements using a skin-surface (Spinal Mouse; Idiag, Voletswil, Switzerland) instrument. METHODS Spinal curvature was measured during standing, full flexion, and full extension in 81 healthy children (10.6 +/- 1.7 years) by 3(More)
OBJECTIVE This retrospective study evaluates the relationship between periampullary duodenal diverticula and the common bile duct (CBD). MATERIALS AND METHODS The patients were examined with HASTE breath hold MR cholangiography (MRC) using a 1 T Siemens Expert Plus Scanner. Axial T2-weighted images were also obtained in all patients. RESULTS From the 66(More)
Twenty-three patients with an arachnoid cyst in the frontal part of the temporal bone, which produced exopthtalmos, were evaluated with CT and MRI. The majority of the patients had the peak of the bowing of the bony orbit wall in the posterior third (20/23) and only three in the middle. Arachnoid cyst are classified as small (13/23), medium (5/23) or large(More)
Gas production as a part of disk degeneration can occur but rarely causes nerve compression syndromes. Few cases have been reported in which lumbar intraspinal epidural gas cause nerve root compression symptoms. We present 12 cases of gas collection in the spinal canal that were presented to the orthopaedic out-patient department with symptoms of low back(More)
PURPOSE To examine age and gender differences in schoolbag use and to compare findings in Greece with those of other countries. METHOD Schoolbag weight and carrying characteristics were assessed in 703 boys and girls aged 6 to 14 years. RESULTS Multinomial logistic regression models showed that younger students (6-8 years) were almost 5 more times more(More)
This study aimed to examine the potential of the Theory of Planned Behavior to predict moral behavior in primary school physical education classes. Primary school children (N=611) completed a questionnaire including the Theory of Planned Behavior variables. Also, 21 teachers filled in an adapted version of Horrocks' Prosocial Play Behavior Inventory which(More)
The increasing pressure to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs is driving the current agenda of governments at worldwide level and calls for a fundamental reform of the status quo of health systems. This is especially the case with the Greek NHS (National Health System), a system in continuous crisis, and with the recent ongoing financial(More)
In marine transportations it is important to control effectively the boarding and debarkation of passengers and vehicles, as well as to effectively monitor the cargo. These procedures are usually handled using conventional ways such as barcode-based tickets and scanners. This technology, although used widely, has significant drawbacks and is outdated. In(More)
The healthcare sector globally is confronted with increasing internal and external pressures that urge for a radical reform of health systems' status quo. The role of technological innovations such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) is recognized as instrumental in this transition process as it is expected to accelerate organizational innovations. This is(More)