Maria Emanuel

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The so-called "atypical" antipsychotics are rapidly becoming the de facto standard pharmacologic treatment of schizophrenia. This article reviews some common psychopharmacologic and psychological issues that may arise after an outpatient with schizophrenia is switched to one of the newer antipsychotics. Important issues to consider in the first few months(More)
Expectations for the treatment of schizophrenia have historically been modest, with emphasis on eliminating positive symptoms and keeping patients out of the hospital. Noncompliance with traditional antipsychotic agents, which have limited efficacy and are associated with numerous adverse side effects, has contributed to these low expectations. The atypical(More)
Traditional mechanisms for conflicts resolutions in Tanzania have been playing a major role to bring harmony and peace among members of the society. These mechanisms are created within a social-political structure of every community. They have been shaped by the realities that are happening in every community, making them unique to each community. Among(More)
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