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Bacillus subtilis has been successfully engineered to express heterologous antigens genetically fused to surface-exposed spore coat proteins as a vaccine vehicle endowed with remarkable heat(More)
Recombinant Bacillus subtilis strains, either spores or vegetative cells, may be employed as safe and low cost orally delivered live vaccine vehicles. In this study, we report the use of an orally(More)
In a recent study, we demonstrated the immunogenic properties of a new malaria vaccine polypeptide based on a 19 kDa C-terminal fragment of the merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP1(19)) from Plasmodium(More)
Cholera toxin B subunit (CTB) has been extensively studied as immunogen, adjuvant, and oral tolerance inductor depending on the antigen conjugated or coadministered. It has been already expressed in(More)