Maria Elisa de Oliveira Lanna

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Dra. Maria Elisa de Oliveira Lanna – Rua Dias Ferreira 297 / 301 22431-050 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil. E-mail: Strokes in privileged sites of the cognitive and behavioral circuits constitute strategic infarct vascular dementia (VaD) subtypes (SIVaD). Among such eloquent regions the thalamic nuclei are important targets. Such lesions are(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the integrity of the white matter in Binswanger's disease (BD) patients with quantitative fractional anisotropy (DTI-FA). METHOD Controls (12) and patients with BD (12) were included. Scans performed with MR (GE Signa Horizon/1.5T). Fazekas's score=6 with white matter hyperintensities extension >75% assessed on FLAIR scans. Standard(More)
BACKGROUND Vascular white matter lesions (WML) represent one of the main neuroimage findings in individuals older than 65 years and its clinical significance is still partially understood. OBJECTIVE To describe and analyze the clinical profile of a high severity sample with WML focusing on the frontal executive control. METHOD Outpatients (n=20) with(More)
OBJECTIVE Cerebrovascular disease (CVD) is associated with cognitive deficits. This cross-sectional study examines differences among healthy elderly controls and patients with vascular mild cognitive impairment (VaMCI) and vascular dementia (VaD) in performances on CAMCOG subscales. METHOD Elderly individuals (n=61) were divided into 3 groups, according(More)
Strategic regions correspond to associative, limbic and paralimbic structures and related circuits, that underpin cognitive/behavioral functions. Strokes in these eloquent sites produce pictures of vascular dementia with syndromic features due to specific site lesion and/or interruption of their interconnections. This study aims at analysing subcortical(More)
Subcortical Ischemic Vascular Disease (SIVD) is underdiagnosed. This review investigates the relationship among SIVD severity, cognitive status and neuroimaging markers. Methods: Cohort, cross-sectional and case control studies were searched on ISI, Medline, Scielo, PsychoInfo and LILACS databases published between 1995 and 2006. Results: The most impaired(More)
UNLABELLED Caring for a demented family member has been associated with burden. Studies concerning health self-perception of family caregivers are still scarce. OBJECTIVE To investigate caregivers perceived health and to look into relationships with patients and caregivers' sociodemographic and clinical data. METHOD Dyads of dementia outpatients and(More)
To study the integrity of the corpus callosum in Binswanger’s disease (BD) patients using quantitative fractional anisotropy (DTI-FA). Methods: Controls (12) and patients with BD (12) were included. MR [GE Signa Horizon-1.5T] scans were performed. BD patients presented Fazekas’s score=6 and leukoaraiosis extension ≥75%, as assessed on FLAIR sequence.(More)
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