Maria-Elisa Crestoni

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Protonated fluorobenzene ions (C6H6F+) are produced by chemical ionization of C6H5F in the cell of a FT-ICR mass spectrometer using either CH5+ or C2H5+. The resulting protonation sites are probed by IR multiphoton dissociation (IRMPD) spectroscopy in the 600-1700 cm-1 fingerprint range employing the free electron laser at CLIO (Centre Laser Infrarouge(More)
With a view to characterizing the influence of the electronic structure of the Fe atom on the nature of its bond with dioxygen (O2 ) in heme compounds, a study of the UV/Vis action spectra and binding energies of heme-O2 molecules has been undertaken in the gas phase. The binding reaction of protonated ferrous heme [FeII -hemeH]+ with O2 has been studied in(More)
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