Maria Edith Burke

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“This paper considers the issues surrounding the fit between information systems and organization structures. The paper uses philosophical ideas concerning knowledge and applies them to organizational design and information processing in order to encourage alternative perspectives and new ideas. This is achieved by a discussion of the issues surrounding(More)
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between information fulfilment and organisational design. Design/ Methodology/Approach: This exploration is undertaken in four ways. First, the early part of the paper places information fulfilment within the literature. Second, there is an attempt to further determine the meaning of(More)
Is never-ending innovation really the key to the ultimate success? Reading marketing and technological innovation literature, it is easy to get the impression that businesses today cannot survive without the continuously innovating processes and technology that new products are based upon. Yet, it seems that truly successful businesses know better. Asked(More)
Outsourcing of support services (non-core activities) has now become an established trend for many UK organisations, both in the private and public sectors. The public healthcare sector is not excluded from this. Outsourcing, once used as a means to reduce costs, has now acquired strategic significance in organisations. Very little research has been carried(More)
This study investigates bilingual performance on the English and Spanish Boston Naming Tests (BNTs) while controlling for object familiarity and U.S. acculturation. Previous studies suggest that bilingualism negatively affects naming skill; however, object familiarity, which may be culturally influenced, and U.S. acculturation level have not been formally(More)
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