Maria E Vergara

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We assessed the diet of pine marten (Martes martes) expanding in the heavily human-altered agricultural plain of the River Po, northern Italy. Between February 2008 and November 2009, surveys were carried out twice a week during seasonal sampling sessions of three to four consecutive weeks. To distinguish the faecal samples from those of sympatric(More)
PURPOSE To assess the severity of adverse reactions to contrast media in outpatient computed tomographic (CT) examinations in a conventional clinical setting. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 4,936 patients, CT was performed with four protocols: ionic contrast medium with sodium meglumine as the cation (in one protocol, contrast material was warmed to 35 degrees(More)
The location of pine marten records in northern Italy suggests that main rivers may play the role of natural corridors favouring this species’ colonisation of cultivated lowlands. We assessed the distribution and habitat use by the pine marten on a 35 km long stretch of the River Ticino. Surveys were carried out between October 2011 and June 2012 along(More)
Multispecies and multiscale habitat suitability models (HSM) are important to identify the environmental variables and scales influencing habitat selection and facilitate the comparison of closely related species with different ecological requirements. This study explores the multiscale relationships of habitat suitability for the pine (Martes martes) and(More)
The stone marten is a widely distributed mustelid in the Palaearctic region that exhibits variable habitat preferences in different parts of its range. The species is a Holocene immigrant from southwest Asia which, according to fossil remains, followed the expansion of the Neolithic farming cultures into Europe and possibly colonized the Iberian Peninsula(More)
BACKGROUND Legislation on physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is being considered in a number of states since the passage of the Oregon Death With Dignity Act in 1994. Opinion assessment surveys have historically assessed particular subsets of physicians. OBJECTIVE To determine variables predictive of physicians' opinions on PAS in a rural state, Vermont,(More)
Clı́nica de Gastroenterologı́a, Facultad de Medicina, Montevideo Ex-Presidente de AIGE Kansas University School of Medicine, USA Master University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Gastroenterology Departament, Sao Paulo University, Brazil Departamento de Gastroenterologı́a, Hospital Posadas, Buenos Aires, Argentina Departamento de Gastroenterologı́a, Hospital(More)
The trophic interactions between the scyphozoan medusa Chrysaora plocamia and the palm ruff Seriolella violacea were investigated off northern Chile and showed that large numbers of hyperiid amphipods parasitizing the medusa may channel energy back to the fishes, which feed on the parasites. The biomass of hyperiids eaten by the fish was a function of the(More)
We applied molecular analysis methods to faecal samples to determine both the overall level of occupancy for pine marten (Martes martes) and current stone marten (Martes foina) distribution in the western Po plain. Surveys were carried out in a 10 × 10-km grid, applying a hybrid sampling design. The specific identification of faecal samples was accomplished(More)