Maria E Raynal

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Although elevated levels of serum immunoglobulin E (IgE) are considered the hallmark of atopic diseases, their clinical value in evaluating subjects with allergic disorders is under debate. To evaluate possible relationships between serum IgE levels and a variety of clinical parameters, 83 mild asthmatic children [10.98-year-old (2.95)], sensitized to house(More)
This article provides results of an evaluation of the effectiveness of a multi-faceted drug prevention program for high-risk elementary and younger junior high school students. Participants were selected for the program by public school teachers and guidance counselors. These students participated in a series of meetings where they practiced skills to help(More)
When exposed to proinflammatory mediators, human bronchial epithelial cells (HBECs) upregulate the 'constitutive' adhesion molecule expression and cytokine/chemokine release. We tested whether and to what extent the inhibitory effect of fluticasone propionate on HBECs could involve the 'constitutive' and 'cytokine-induced' proinflammatory functions.(More)
Lyophilized bacterial lysates, which actively stimulate the immune response, are widely used as vaccines or 'biological response modifiers' in subjects with recurrent bacterial respiratory infections. Since vaccines are indicated in the absence or in the presence of a weak constitutive immune response activity, a better knowledge on the 'naturally'(More)
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