Maria E. Gonzalez

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BACKGROUND Antiviral compounds are needed in the control of many animal and human diseases. METHODS We analysed the effect of the antitumoural drug lauryl gallate on the infectivity of the African swine fever virus among other DNA (herpes simplex and vaccinia) and RNA (influenza, porcine transmissible gastroenteritis and Sindbis) viruses, paying attention(More)
Apoptosis is a form of naturally occurring cell death during development and it is characterised by extensive DNA fragmentation. Apoptosis is easily detected in the gill epithelium of brown trout embryos in ultrathin sections (Rojo et al. 1997). Here we provide the first biochemical evidence for apoptosis in the gill epithelium of brown trout embryos, using(More)
A histochemical study of the branchial area of brown trout embryos from 35 to 71 d of incubation is reported. A battery of 6 different horseradish peroxidase-labelled lectins, the PAS reaction and Alcian blue staining were used to study the distribution of carbohydrate residues in glycoconjugates along the pharyngeal and branchial epithelia. Con A and WGA(More)
We report a comparison of toxic and enzymatic activities of Bothrops alternatus venoms collected from specimens of different regions of Argentina with a pool of these same venoms. We determined lethal, hemorrhagic and pro-coagulant (plasma and fibrinogen) doses, as well as indirect hemolysis, hydrolysis of gelatin and fibrinogen. The electrophoretic pattern(More)
Isolated transverse tubule vesicles free of sarcoplasmic reticulum transport calcium with high affinity in the presence of ATP. The calcium transport by transverse tubules differs from calcium transport by sarcoplasmic reticulum. It is not increased by oxalate or phosphate, it has a different temperature dependence, it is inhibited by sub-micromolar(More)
We have examined the effect of Rev on the regulation of the expression of RRE containing mRNAs when they were synthesised in the nucleus or directly in the cytoplasm. In the nuclear expression system, Rev enhanced env mRNA transport by about 1.6-fold, while translation of this mRNA was increased more than a 100-fold. These findings indicate that the target(More)
Transverse tubule membranes isolated from rabbit skeletal muscle have high levels of a Ca2+- or Mg2+-ATPase with Km values for Ca-ATP or Mg-ATP in the 0.2 mM range, but do not display detectable levels of ATPase activity activated by micromolar [Ca2+]. The transverse tubule enzyme is less temperature or pH dependent than the Ca2+-ATPase of sarcoplasmic(More)
The etiology of a number of retinopathies, such as acute zonal occult outer retinopathy (AZOOR), remains undetermined. Candida famata was isolated from conjunctival exudates of a patient diagnosed with AZOOR. This yeast was very abundant, particularly in the more affected eye, while no other pathogens or fungal species were in evidence. Immunological tests(More)
Tityus trivittatus is the Argentinean scorpion reported to cause the majority of human fatalities in the country, however no systematic studies have been conducted with the venom of this species. This communication describes a general biochemical and immunological characterization of the venom obtained from T. trivittatus scorpions collected in the city of(More)