Maria Dolors Briz

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Incubation of boar sperm from fresh ejaculates in a minimal medium with 10 mM glucose induced a fast and intense activation of glycolysis, as indicated by the observed increases in the intracellular levels of glucose 6-phosphate (G 6-P) and ATP and the rate of formation of extracellular L-lactate. The effect of glucose was much more intense than that(More)
This study examines the effect of semen-collection rhythm on the sperm maturation process in boar epididymis. Three post-pubertal boars were submitted to a high semen-collection frequency (stressed boars) during 4 days, and three males were kept as a control group (control boars). Semen samples coming from six epididymal regions and from the ejaculate of(More)
Cryptorchidism is a frequent male sexual disorder in mammals, which affects the histology of the tunica propria, interstitial tissue, blood vessels, seminiferous epithelium and testis functioning. In this paper, proliferation and apoptosis were examined in the seminiferous epithelium of both testes from unaffected boars and from boars suffering unilateral(More)
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